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Unlike traditional investments, all
Energy Capital Investments Group investments
are secured by Guarantees, Bonds,
Purchase Agreements, Insurance,
Real Estate, Equipment,
and are further secured
by personal guarantees from each borrower.
Its loans undergo a thorough
multi-stage due-diligence process
and are underwritten at very conservative
loan-to-value ratios, significantly limiting risk exposure.
In the event of a default by the borrower,
Energy Capital Investments Group’s asset management team
will have the option of helping the borrower
to the finish line
or in some cases take over the project and liquidate
the assets to protect its investment
and redeploy the capital.
Energy Capital Investments Group
is a Private Finance, Energy, Renewable Energy,
Real Estate and Technology Equity Group
which provides Loan Syndication,
long and short-term Financing Services.
We seek to invest in Energy Projects,
Renewable Energy Investments,
to acquire and reposition
Retail Centers, Commercial Condominiums,
Office Buildings
and Undeveloped Land in
US, Canada, UK,
Continental Europe,
Australia and New Zealand.
In the world of investing,
having access to fast, flexible, and reliable capital
is the key to success.
Energy Capital Investments Group
is also a direct private lender
that offers unique financing options for
Energy Projects, Renewable Energy Investments,
Start-ups, in Technology and other sectors,
Retail Centers, Commercial Condominiums, Office Buildings,
Multifamily and Undeveloped Land,
Fix & Flip Real Estate investor community,
builders, and developers.
We go way beyond traditional bank financing;
our goal is to become your financial partner.

Important Investment Disclosures:

Nothing on this website constitutes an offer to sell
or a solicitation of an offer for investment.
An offer is made only by the offering circular and
material disclosure package.
Past performance is not an indication of future results.

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